. Al Grant
 . Ann Breen
 . Ann Williamson
 . Big Tom
 . Barnbrack
 . Barry Doyle
 . Black Family
 . Brendan Grace
 . Brendan Shine
 . Chieftains
 . Christy Moore
 . Charlie
 . Clannad
 . Daniel O'Donnell
 . Declan Nerney
 . Dominic Kirwan
 . The Dubliners
 . Eamon McCann
 . Enya
 . Frank McCaffrey
 . The Fureys
 . Hugo Duncan
 . The Irish Tenors
 . Isla Grant
 . James Kilbane
 . Jim McCann
 . Jimmy Buckley
 . Joe Dolan
 . Johnny McEvoy
 . John Hogan
 . Johnny Loughrey
 . Kathy Durkin
 . Louise Morrissey
 . Margo
 . Mary Black
 . Mary Duff
 . Martin Cuffe
 . Michael English
 . Mick Flavin
 . Patrick Feeney
 . Paddy Reilly
 . Paul Donnelly
 . Phil Coulter
 . Philomena Begley
 . The Pogues
 . Richie Kavanagh
 . Robert Mizzell
 . Sean Wilson
 . Shawn Cuddy
 . Smokie
 . Susan McCann
 . Theresa Rodgers
 . Thomas Maguire
 . Van Morrison
 . Wolfe Tones

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The Dubliners The Late Late Show Tribute DVD

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The Dubliners The Late Late Show Tribute DVD

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Suitable for all DVD players Worldwide.

With special guests, U2, The Pogues, Christy Moore, The Furey’s & Davey Arthur, Stockton’s Wing, Jim McCann

Few events in Irish life could draw together so many diverse aspects of the country’s society and culture as RTE’s Late Late show did with its special full length 25th birthday tribute to The Dubliner’s

On RTE’s The Late Late Show that night , acknowledged their debt to perhaps the most influential group in the history of Irish Folk Music, were a wide range of musicians and performers including U2, The Pogues, Christy Moore, The Furey’s & Davey Arthur, Jim McCann and Stockton’s Wing.

It was a spontaneous, run-away party caught live on camera – the kind of party were you’d say “I wish I taped that!” Well we did and now for the first time this digitally re-mastered extended edition is released to celebrate this memorable and historic occasion. The following performances are interwoven with tales and stories about the Dubliner’s and life on the road.

Run time 1h 44 mins.

01. Seven Drunken Nights - The Dubliners
02. I Loved The Ground She Walked Upon - Jim McCann & The Dubliners
03. Dreaming My Dreams - The Furey's & Davey Arthur
04. Scorn Not His Simplicity - Luke Kelly
05. Luke, A Tribute - Chrsity Moore With The Dubliners
06. The Irish Rovers - The Pogues With The Dubliners
07. The Marino Waltz - The Dubliners
08. The Humours Of Glendart / Saddle The Pony / Brian O'Lynn - The Furey's & Davey Arthur With The Dubliners
09. Now I'm Easy - Stockton's Wing With Ronnie Drew
10. Springhill Mining Disaster - U2
11. Don't Get Married Girls - The Dubliners
12. McAlpine's Fusiliers - The Dubliners
13. The Black Velvet Band - Christy Moore With The Dubliners
14. Lament For Brendan Behan - Ciaran Bourke
15. The Auld Triangle - The Entire Cast